HTC 10 review: has it delivered its promise?

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The HTC 10 – it’s a hard phone to rate on first impressions – HTC has put all the right bits in here, but I felt the same way with the One M9. However, the brand seems to have addressed the foibles and appears genuinely excited by the new 10. Here’s our full review.

21 Comments on HTC 10 review: has it delivered its promise?

  1. this moron will say just about anything to bring down this phone.. bloody isheep bottom feeder. I've felt the phone in my hands and it's in no way chunky like he said. on the contrary it feels just perfect in your hands and sits comfortably. I wanna slap this bitch now cause in almost all his other reviews on the HTC 10 he bashes the phone. i would forgive him if he was doing it to show htc that they can do better but NO! this faggot loves putting his iPhone up his ass.. no wonder he was talking like slim phones are better.. now we know why

  2. Honestly, I have not got a bloody fcking clue why there are so many people obsessed with the HTC 10. And I mean OBSESSED! Not saying that it's a shit phone, its pretty cool, definitely appeals to some more than the others because design is not perfect by the universal standarts, but I understand that some people are into chunkier phones and I see nothing wrong with that.

    But for godsake, you HTC fanboys can't take any criticism whatsoever. Like wow, I mean HTC have definitely stepped up their game from the last year, but do you guys seriously consider this to be the pinnacle of success for the android smartphones family?? I don't want to get really personal here, nor do I want to say that this is by any means a bad device but dudes, calm the fuck down, this phone is not some kind of a smartphone revolution. Its just on ordinary flagship phone with the top specs, which are present in pretty much any other flagship smartphone this year. And to be frank, I wouldn't say this phone really has any real edge to it – its great overall, but there's virtually nothing about it what would make me buy this phone over the competitors! Not a fan of its design, and not a fan of that custom UI. Yeah, believe it or not, but some people may not share the same adoration for these two factors with you guys. In fact, the majority of people wont, just like the guy on the video. And he simply expresses his own opinion on that, but he still presents a balanced review of the phone. He points out both pros and cons of the phone because no phone is perfect and HTC 10 is not an exception.

    I've had many phones myself, tried pretty much every brand, currently having a P9. And despite how much i am enjoying this phone, I know it has some weaknesses and I just accept them, not getting mad when someone points out that it doesn't have and OIS and takes pretty shitty videos. And this is just a tip of the iceberg of all that hate which is pouring down on the P9 for some reason mainly (!) from the HTC fans who claim that the HTC 10 is the best phone ever crafted by humanity. Are you really that ignorant guys or are those hate comments coming mainly from the angry kids, butthurt by the fact that someone points out its ACTUAL flaws?

    Just man up tbh, take the criticism or maybe think twice whether HTC 10 is a good buy after all…

  3. If the guy would work on his fucking lisp, maybe I could've listened to his weed-smoking, hippie-ass commentary for a bit, but right off the bat it becomes annoying. Not to mention he overcomplicates so many things as if it's the end of the world.

    0/10, go visit a speech therapist, you buffoon !!

  4. This thickness is ok, the s6 edge was to thin for example too sharp, I think there is too thin like they're is too fat, for me this will be perfect thickness, its not better or worse than an S7, its for different people, who like the refined skin, good camera, big battery, fast power efficient soc, and the audio is world leading for a phone, when you hear a Samsung or Sony they sound shocking compared to a htc and this is true on the 10, on both headphones and speakers. When you watch a film on a htc you hear it beautifully.

  5. As much as I'm disappointed by this crappy review, it's very pleasing to see these retards getting their fucking treatment in that like/dislike bar. People know HTC 10 is boss and they won't accept any shit against it. So satisfying…

  6. Ive owned phones from apple ,samsung and htc and from my experience, I can say they are three great companies that make great devices. So im totally unbiased when i say this review although does what a review should do, is shocking for all the reasons explained in the comment section. There was no mention of good things such as optical stabilization on both sides/ memory integration/build quality and durability which is huge considering how often people drop their phones. Most people use their phone for music more than anything else so the built in amp for better music through my headphones is a major plus for me.

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