HTC 10 review: Best for gaming, best for sound!

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HTC 10 review: Best for gaming, best for sound! One month into using the new flagship from HTC and there are two things we can say for sure – it’s a champion when it comes to playing games and playing music. Whether using the onboard BoomSound speakers, plugging in Hi Res audio headphones, HTC might as well have called the HTC 10 the HTC 10 the HTC Play – because we just want to play stuff on it! It isn’t perfect. The design could be more elegant and the screen has a slight tint, but when all things are considered, the HTC 10 is easily one of the best smartphones money can buy.

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26 Comments on HTC 10 review: Best for gaming, best for sound!

  1. Wow. This was a beautifully put together review. I also love that you offer a table of contents in your review. Definitely appreciate this as a fellow Youtube creator and tech enthusiast. #Goals As far as the phone goes, I do think that this could be a device that makes HTC relevant again. Fingers crossed for HTC.

  2. Somehow youtube reviewers just dont do stress test on phones nowadays. Try NBA 2k16 for 10min and you guys will stop saying every phone is a gaming champion coz it runs asphalt8(2013game) flawlessly….

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