HTC 10 review: Android on crack

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HTC 10 Review: We test the HTC 10’s camera, performance, battery life and more for our full HTC 10 review.

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We’ve spent the week with HTC’s first 2016 phone, the HTC 10, which boasts a fresh new laser-focused camera, a unique Android experience called Freestyle and some seriously upgraded specs compared with the One M9. Here’s our full HTC 10 review, touching on performance, battery life, camera dependability and more.
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16 Comments on HTC 10 review: Android on crack

  1. I have no idea why all of these reviews are saying things like "HTC is back!" They used to be absolute garbage until the introduction of the One X. And honestly, with the exception of cameras that weren't at the tippy-top of the pile, their quality since that phone have been incredible in both hardware and software. Reviewers are so jaded because HTC "didn't innovate", and what that phrase typically means is "didn't have top of the line specs, no exceptions." The m8 and the m9 were stellar in detail, and they got nothing but flack. So now HTC are playing the game and "they're back!"

  2. Leave it to modern marketing to allow the chaos of old feature phones and call it "freestyle" to set it apart as a perk. Messy icon placement was a nightmare, but now it's a novel feature! The days of getting a friend's phone and stacking all the icons to fuck with them will be returning very soon…

  3. I've been trying to find one, no retail stores stock it yet in Sydney. Nice video, HTC is back. Hopefully this can turn things around for them

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