HTC 10 Review

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35 Comments on HTC 10 Review

  1. Adoptive memory and app duplication reduction are two hobby horses for me. HTC have addressed it, Samsung haven't. Prefer build materials on the 10 and love the ice view case. I prefer a hot ♨ sound ? to a great camera which I don't use a lot. Love my Jazz ? more.

  2. Actually think HTC have decided to do things differently like teaming up with Google to get rid of duplicate Apps, adaptive memory so you can put apps on your SD Card. Try that with your S7, you'll void your warranty. Prefer great sound over a great camera. The 10 camera will surpass my needs. Love that case.

  3. If you can filter out the whole HTC's comeback story narrative in every review, what you'll gather from the mixed results is that it's another player in the high end playground. HTC's only work left is marketing and to slowly change perception.

    I really liked this review overall.

  4. Any thoughts on this phone vs. the Nexus 6P? I'm in the market for a new phone and really want a stock or close-to-it Android experience, so the Samsung doesn't really appeal to me

  5. Excellent review, Engadget! After seeing fucked up reviews from those jerks at The Verge and CNET, I was pleasantly surprised by this great review from a similar caliber tech source.

  6. Great review, I'm really torn on whether to go for the S7 Edge or the HTC 10. I have used both the S3 and S4 in the past, and I am currently on the M8, so I am very familiar with both lines. I think the S7 Edge is the overall better phone…

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