HTC 10 Review

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My review of the HTC 10!

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37 Comments on HTC 10 Review

  1. the sound is week and because of the lcd screen and lake of real boom sound, is keeping me from buying it also the camera is ok but if you have had a samsung 5 and above you will never take this phone.

  2. overall a decent review. would be nice though to see the actual phone without the skin. throw the skin on at the end but at least give us a glimpse of the phone in its birthday suit.

  3. I replaced my S7 Edge and couldn't be happier. The HTC 10 was cheaper, so the S7 Edge sale paid this off completely, and it's a better phone in almost every way. I used them side by side for a week to finally settle on one, but the HTC 10 smaller size, faster and more responsive UI, and fantastic sound quality just couldn't be matched by the S7 Edge. I miss the S7 Edge's longer battery and that's about it. I still had about 30-40% left by 7PM on the Edge, while the HTC 10 gives me about 10% left at 7PM. So if I'm going out with friends, I have to make sure to charge it for 20 minutes before leaving the office.

  4. Great job on the video Justin. Wherever you stay is soooo beautiful. I'd just about pack up and leave Atlanta for it lol. I said goodbye to my Galaxy S6 and purchased an HTC 10. Best decision in a long time. There are so many little things which make this phone sooo much better. I'm very happy with it.

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