HTC 10 Review (60-Second Edition)

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We get it. You’re a busy person. Your time is valuable, but you’re still curious what the HTC 10 might have to offer you. Is it worthy of your cash? You’ll get the answer to that question in 60 seconds or less!

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38 Comments on HTC 10 Review (60-Second Edition)

  1. in terms of audio, this finally feels like somewhat of an upgrade from my V10 which was just a bit too slow for me with the 808. I really wish that phone had the 810.

  2. +Juan Bagnell ….. sorry to bother you …. LENOVO VIBE SHOT is a beautiful phone witch has a good specification in camera …. so make a review for its camera if its possible …..

  3. I lov pocket now and the team but that is just sad there is no excuse and only doing a 60 second review stop being lazy like seriously it should take it least 9 minutes stop slacking put our heart to the reviews u do or done so them

  4. Question to those who own one when taking shots in pro mode in dark scenes and then using the raw editor in the gallery to try improve it have you also gotten a small amount of white pixles spread across the image or is it a software fault as without using the editor the image is fine same for in auto mode ?

  5. Yes, yes and more yes!!! I feel like PocketNow's "rebirth" without Michael is everything. All the content being put out, detailed reviews and features, little things like bringing back 60 second reviews and so on is drawing me back in.

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