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With the 10, HTC must prove to the world that its wares are worth the dough. And theirs have been a tough sale lately, largely because of objective shortcomings that the HTC ‘style’ of doing things—a style we’ve always been attracted to—wasn’t enough to cover for. So the 10 needs to be rock-solid both on the inside and outside, while also doing a splendid job getting us through a busy day of life acrobatics.

Let’s see how it does.

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45 Comments on HTC 10 Review

  1. The 10 is the phone HTC needed last year. I love all about this phone but will not be purchasing this phone. Simply because they are not priced to sell. At $699 they won't sell as many phones as they need to IMO. They should of been more aggressive with the price. $500= priced to sell. $599= I will definitely consider. $699= I will wait and pass. 

  2. Very good job, Chris, thanks. BUT…did you say the speakers in the iphone 6s are better then the HTC 10?? That simply can't be, nor can the headphone sound quality in the 10 be matched. Thanks!

  3. Please tell me this is a joke review, he is reviewing audio without the earphones even in the correct ear. Plus get him to do a native language review or get someone who can speak English, I wouldn't do a review in his language, it seems pointless.

  4. "It's not pretty or flashy, it's a tool"… Yeah, right, because those gigantic reflective chamfers are so not made to caught the eye…

    Anyway, my real problem is that nonsese about the audio being "not on par with the iPhone 6s"… WTF, seriously?

  5. I am set to change my phone at the end of this year this year. HTC is currently my number 1 pick. but I am waiting for one plus3 and nexus 2016 before I make my decision

  6. There is one side that stands out for me with the HTC 10 and that's the price. There are other phones that do the same thing in terms of hardware and performance as this one but for considerably less money. And that camera bump. Just no.

  7. Great review and great conclusion. People knock the HTC 10 for its supposed "lack of innovation" but I prefer the "less is more" approach HTC is taking here. No gimmicks, just really great hardware and software presented in very elegant package.

  8. "the speaker configuration is not up there with the iPhone 6S(…)". Are you seriously suggesting the iPhone 6S single mono speaker is better than this and other flagships?

  9. Agreed. Samsung frustrates me by refusing to listen to users. HTC has got rid of a lot of app duplication and uses adoptive storage so I can store apps on the SD Card. Try that on an S7 and you void your warranty.

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