HTC 10 Review

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Gone is the One title as it is just the HTC 10. Time to see if the 10 is the company’s best device yet.

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10 Comments on HTC 10 Review

  1. Great video, reckon I'm getting the HTC10 over the Galaxy S7 – audio DAC, adopted storage up to 2TBs, OIS on FF camera, great aluminium design, good rear camera, not the very best but still really good, etc… Cool. Love the look of the phone, and the size is the sweet spot, perfect, nice…

  2. Great review man. Just wanted to ask since you're running a wallpaper that is predominantly black, does it wash out when viewing the corners/diagonally? not talking about side to side or up and down, but between the two. I've had a lot of LCD's wash out on those angles..any info?

  3. one of the best reviews ive seen so far, all important things were mentioned as well as not emphasising too much on the camera like 99% of other reviews.

  4. Thanks for not spending 85% of your video on a camera analysis.
    Just a tip, either lose the music or tone it down so it doesn't interfere with what you are trying to say.
    Request: can you do a few benchmarks including storage performance ? thanks.

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