HTC 10 Review!

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The HTC 10 just might be the comeback that we’ve been waiting for from HTC, but does it score a perfect 10? Find out in this, our in-depth HTC 10 review!

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39 Comments on HTC 10 Review!

  1. you don't have to use the fingerprint scanner it's either don't use it and use the gestures. it do and the only one u should need is the double swipe down for the camera shortcut. at least that's the way I'm running mine.

  2. I had many phones. Really. I change my phone like once every 2-5 months. Had a lot of flagships over the time. I personally REALLY dont like samsungs stuff, mainly because of their ui (even tho the new touchwiz is indeed more simplistic, its still not the most user friendly ui out there for me). The one and only phone that really went into my heart was the m8. I have used this phone for like 6 months and I was constantly discovering some hidden tweaks and little things. It actually felt like the company tried to make the consumer happy, not just make as much money as they could. Now since the m9 disappointed us, I am really waiting to get my hands on the htc 10. I have a feeling that this time is will actually surprise me even more. In my opinion, over the time htc has been one of the highest quality phones out there for a long time and it was really underrated.

  3. BE AWARE!! the HTC One m8 is still better in audio and the screen is much brighter and much sharper. (m10)The Wi-Fi connection is great and sometimes it isn't. the volume button is a little loose and the battery sucks. the software of the phone makes you think that this is a Google phone instead of a HTC(where is the photo gallery In stead of the annoying google photo that will try to push you into the cloud with you're media.) the phone will be charged from 3% to 100 into 1h40m. the design is nice and the power button at the right side is also great. The performance of the single core in comparison with the m8 dubbels and the multi core is a slight better. The fingerprint security is great and works fantastic. I have a m8 and the m10 over here but I will send my m10 back to the provider Monday cause my m8 is still the big winner for me because of the sharper screen and better speaker audio.

  4. just got this phone two days ago coming from m7 m8 note 4 then HTC 10. it's absolutely amazing. it's art. everytime I pull it out I stare. u have to see it hold it use it in person. video and pics do not do it justice at all. go see it you'll want it.

  5. I use my remote DAILY. I don't have cable or satellite so I don't have all the extra Peel crap in the way. I quickly use the remote at a thought. I have the widget on my screen and it's fantastic to switch between rooms. I'm going to keep my current phone for a while because of the remote.

  6. okay, wtf, why people are ok with AA htc 10 review, yet techradar's review is so overhated?!

    In a nutshell they make exactly the same points about pros and cons, yet here people can take criticism in the comments, while on techradar's video people literally lost their shit in the comments.

    I really, really don't understand human logic after all

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