HTC 10 Review!

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Here’s our review of the HTC 10!

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20 Comments on HTC 10 Review!

  1. I agree about the buttons. they are too close to the edge of the phone. I often times accidentally press them when holding the HTC 10 in landscape mode. Also, when I do want to press them sometimes I miss and touch the dead space above them, there is quite a lot of empty dead space above the buttons.

    The phone is still great. I just have to get used to the button placement.

  2. I agree with the whole review, the phone is really nothing special tbh. Samsung have really got the early part of the year sewn up, maybe the LG V10 sucessor or new iPhone will be a Samsung breaker, who knows.

  3. A few things, Patrick:

    You sounded so, SO bored throughout this review. Despite you liking the phone overall, you started your review with a negative point, and your overall tone gave the impression that this video review was something you were obligated to do. You also slurred your words a few times from rushing through the script, and this increased the 'I'm bored and don't want to be doing this' feeling.

    As Brandon Breuer noted, you didn't mention some of the key features of the phone that DO make it stand out, from it's predecessors and the competition.

    The video is crazy short for a flagship phone. Other reviews of the 10 go into the teens, and really cover everything about the phone. This felt like a brief overview with some minor opinion, again giving the impression that this was an obligation.

    Finally, the structure of your review needed work. If you look at other video reviews, say Pocketnow for example, they break everything down and show the good and the bad, where as in your review feels like a jumble of opinions with a spec sheet. WHY do you think the S7 is the better camera, where's your evidence to back that up, etc

  4. So many reviewers of this phone talk about "lack of wow factor" "it's just a phone" and it's all a bunch of BS. This is a terrible review that doesn't once mention either the speaker sound, or the sound out of the headphone jack with the 24bit dac. Disliked and unsubbed.

    And no I'm not an HTC fanboy (I own a Galaxy S7). This is just a lazy, awful review and I won't be back.

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