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10 Comments on HTC 10 REVIEW

  1. I've had the 10 for two days now. There are a few things to get used to when coming from the LG G line. A few things that I noticed right off the bat.

    The current boom sound in comparison to the phones we have had which include the GS3, GS5, GS7, LG G3, Motorola Maxx and iPhone 6S, this is hands down the smoothest best sounding speaker setup I have heard. It is quite stunning. It isn't the loudest, but it is good enough for me.No one has mentioned this, but the bluetooth audio connection to our car stereos is SUPERIOR to any of our other phones. Superior in audio quality to be precise. The screen is nice, but there is much better out there. I personally hate Samsung's amoled. Another thing that no one mentions is that the vibration is much stronger than some current phones. It is much better than my G3 and I can actually feel it vibrate in my pocket now! That's a huge plus.

    The camera is nice, but I am still pre-update Verizon and I feel like there is a lot of potential there. The UI is striped down and I have had to find solutions for a couple things, but my functionality mirrors my previous phone with much less bloat. I get about the same battery life as my LG G3. All in all I would give a big thumbs up to this phone. So far so good.

  2. Hey dude, do you see any problems with screen being "pink" at times? I've read that a lof of people are having pinkish whites when viewing the screen at an angle. Great review by the way.

  3. Who needs flashy gimmicks anyways? Let's be honest, how many people actually find the edge display on the S7 useful. It's just an aesthetic sort of thing that helps with marketing. Same with force touch on iPhone. They make it out to be such a big thing when it's not really all that useful.

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