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HTC 10 Review The HTC 10 feels fresh and familiar, it’s everything you loved from the One M7 in a modern competitive device. Stand up battery life, solid build and a competitive camera make the 10 a great choice for those who need a solid reliable phone. The red hue that we find in the viewing angles will be a deal breaker for some and a non issue for others. We’d happily use the 10 as our dedicated handset, it’s a great phone but it’s not the best, and that’s ok.

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  1. Nice review (:
    I do want to know somerhi g about the screen though as it's the ONLY thing that could stop me from buying it. Do colours (especially the blacks) wash out on the corner angles? nearly every LCD I've used has had this problem and it's reeeaally annoying >.<

  2. Somehow I think your HTC 10 is a bit mess up comparing to other tech channel reviews. I see that you are in China, maybe you got the Chinese version of HTC life style instead of the international version the HTC 10. The specs of those two are different! I think maybe you could head back to Taiwan HTC HQ to figure out~

  3. So what do you recommend between HTC 10 and LG5? Knowing that I don't care much about the camera and I want as much close to stock Android as possible.

  4. She was comparing 10 camera to G5 and it look crap. What if she did it against S7?! I consider it another failure from HTC . Even worse they officially said "we nailed it camera experience " .

  5. I like the idea of sense home, but it didn't work for me at all. I work in the road, so it can't tell the difference between work and out for me. I know you can change it manually, but to me, that kinda defeats the purpose.

  6. Good review but you missed one thing. You could've shown the capabilities of OIS on the front facing camera by taking like a little vlog of some sort

  7. I like the details you explained and I definitely noticed the viewing angles were not as great.I Definitely can't wait till the carriers get in stores so I can put my hands on it. Your review seemed honest and I appreciate that. It lets us know what we are getting before we invest.

  8. Is the screen 4:3 or did you use the 16:9 option when taking the pics? Secondly I really want to know what aspect ratio ppl prefer. I cant decide between 4:3 and 16:9

  9. best review I've seen for this phone, and I've watched most of the other big channels so far. good to see feature walkthroughs like the audio and a comprehensive sample of the camera. nice job.

  10. I have the G4 right now and notice that although it takes great shots, the shutter speed is really slow to the point where I get blurriness in lower lit conditions. Would the HTC 10's camera be an upgrade?

  11. Ur reviews are good, but just try to make them a little more interesting and do add some light background music…..
    Just watched ur review of HTC 10 after watching of Android Authority and u can totally make the difference….. It's not a complaint, just an advice!!! :)

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