HTC 10 review

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HTC 10 review.

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  1. good review! Just one question, why is the s7 the best phone out there? It has touch wiz (slightly improved, but still the 2nd worse next to EMUI), only QC 2.0, they stayed with micro usb (not a big deal yet but usb c powered headphones are already starting) and sound is only mediocre. Sure they're screens are top tier, and they have waterproof, but i've gotten a personal phone wet twice in my whole life, and it was fine both times, so it's more of a slightly beneficial gimmick (the 10 has water resistance anyways). i can't comment on battery, but from what i've seen it's pretty equal to this phone and this phone charges faster. With all the flagship phones out right now, it seems like they're all tied with top of the line specs and premium build. I think it's all personal preference for the little extras they each inidividually bring

  2. what mate 8 fastest. I think in terms of using stock apps huawei mate 8 just fast as gs7 but when gaming Huawei Kirin processor suck so bad. Really Kirin 950 GPU slower than Mali t760 mp4 and adreno 430.

  3. Solid review. HTC really surprised me this year and put out a device I want to own. When it comes to the camera app, it's really hard to top LG. The manual controls on the G4 and V10 were a joy to use, especially with the super long shutter speeds. Samsung is a little better than HTC with their 10 second max shutter speed on the S7 Edge, but both should really up their game. HTC topping out at 2 seconds is pretty pathetic.

  4. How many people actually look at their phone at a 45 degree angle? I crack up every time a reviewer talks about screen vision at various angles. i know of no one that doesn't look at their phone head on. Also, updates are coming for the camera, probably before shipping.

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