HTC 10 Released. Android N 2nd Preview. Live Cases for Nexus Phones.

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The HTC 10 has been released! The second preview of Android N has been released. Finally, Google introduced ‘live cases’ for Nexus Phones.. Those stories and more are talked about by TK as he covers the news from the week ending April 15, 2016 at Check out this video!

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18 Comments on HTC 10 Released. Android N 2nd Preview. Live Cases for Nexus Phones.

  1. Everything on the back. Honestly the one thing i hate about my g5 is the volume button placement. I always accidentally press it and sometimes silent my phone without knowing.

  2. it's so great to see this turtle still giving reviews after all these years. it's still too bad that no one wants give it voice lessons to slow down, or speak more clearly though. I would of watched so many more videos over time if he was easier to understand and pay attention to for the great info in the video articles.

  3. Omg what is he talking about you don't want a phone that can last 2 days or 1 day high use do you work for the mobile industry who have had this poor mind set with limited battery life for so long (most phones I used only last 2 hours batter life)
    The cubot H1 lasts like 6-8 hours constant sat nav use or 2 days under my normal use (witch I say is higher then others, but other people I seen with phones not lasting the day) if you can make a phone last 2 days under real world use instead of very light use and no apps installed witch tests are norm done under

    Phones should come with at least a 3500 battery (the s7 edge should be good in this case)

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