HTC 10 “Real Review”

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HTC 10 “Real Review”
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24 Comments on HTC 10 “Real Review”

  1. I went from a Note 3 to a 10. Ain't gonna lie, this phone is alright. Was gonna go for the A9, but why downgrade and not upgrade. I still got my Note as a backup.

  2. M9 reaches 90 degrees overgeat giving a serious burn , cant even be held- HTC customer support says its normal because m9 locks to 1 tower no matter how far away-does m10 have same probem- love my samsung note 5 much better

  3. Your top phones are MASSIVE. Feel like I need 2 hands to hold them. Admittedly, I'm using the m8 right now so maybe that makes me biased. But I am trying to decide between m10 and 7 edge. Audio quality is REALLY important to me but so is the camera. Idk. 🙁 Anything upcoming that might have both?

  4. When the HTC One first came out…that silver M7….it made me switch from iPhone to Android for the first time. I loved that joint. It was buttery smooth, had the best speakers and best music player, IR blaster and all that. It was flossy. I loved it and I thought HTC was the One. But they been falling off the last few years. I went to the dark side and got my first Samsung when the S6 Edge came out. I just got that last year so I'm not in the market for a phone right now. I'm not watching this video cause I'm looking for input on a phone. I'm just working late and like to hear Floss talk in the background.

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