HTC 10 Real Camera Review: We waited for an update…

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The HTC 10 is a work in progress. At the time this video was produced, it was still only available for pre-order, and units had not yet shipped to consumers. Given that reviewers had access to pre-release software, we wanted to see how HTC would respond to early criticisms focused on camera performance. Now that new software has arrived, has HTC cleaned up the camera output? Here’s our full review of the camera on the HTC 10!

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44 Comments on HTC 10 Real Camera Review: We waited for an update…

  1. dxo rated this camera really high overall. So people talking shit about its camera not being as good as s7 are dumb. And the htc subscores is showing clear advantages in thigs that matter : such as texture and artifacts.

  2. I have always been very interested in HTC phones but always decide for another manufacturer due to camera quality. I never use my phone to record video (other than Snapchat) so I can ignore video shortcomings but the regular camera quality is terrible! The shots in this video look very blown out. I don't want to use pro mode to manage getting decent quality, it should look decent automatically.

  3. I feel like HTC could of done this with the HTC M8 or M9 and took the market by storm since they already had their Ultrapixel tech. All they needed was the up the resolution. It would of helped push for even better cameras this year, oh well. Better late than never right Juan? lol.

  4. Ok so Apple has had 60fps and 240 slow mo for some time now. Samsung quickly adapted. All other manufacturers seem to completely ignore the need for this function. HTC used to be Android's leader in imaging some years back, but after the release of the HTC M7 they have ignored the need to make the camera fun to use on their phones. It's nice to see this camera on the 10 is far superior than the last few years of products they've released. But still a shame to see 60 fps missing as well as fun modes like a solid 120/240 fps option.

  5. I dont need water resistant phone. ( "s7" )
    i dont need super qualety sound. ( "HTC 10" )

    I need good battery, and less bloatware ( Htc 10 ) , but also i want a very fast phone ( htc10/s7 ? )
    i do not want to "have too" chage my phone at work, for it to be able to work the hole day, like i have to with my M8 ( i have my phone set on 4G all day when screen is up, for emails and viber and facebookmessages to reach me..

    What phone should i buy ?

  6. Fantastic camera review for the HTC 10. Well done!
    I can say everything in this review is spot on correct. I have been using the HTC 10 for 2 weeks now (Purchased in Taiwan on 4/14), have received 2 camera updates and everything in the video is true.
    The cameras on the HTC 10 are not the best of 2016, but are the best HTC has ever made, and I would say in the top 3 for 2016 phones.

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