HTC 10: My Final Thoughts After 2 Weeks

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My thoughts on the HTC 10 after 2 full weeks of usage.

– I apologize in advance for all of the movement in the background. Apparently the Nexus 6p sucks at focusing when shooting videos.

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  1. i agree with poor wifi reception of this phone. my old z3 was about 30% more powerfull in wifi reception. other annoyancr is awkwardly capacitive buttons.

  2. the only way i would even consider paying $600.00 for a phone better be s7 quality with front facing speakers, 128 gig internal memory with SD card slot, dual led zoom lend, 5000 MaH battery, Usb C fast charge, comes with a stylus and two year accidental damage warranty.

  3. Donavon, has your wifi reception got any better? Mine should be here in the next several days and your review was the first time I've heard about any wifi issues. Please tell me I'm not going to regret my purchase.

  4. Why do all these reviewers skip the superior music in this phone with the headphones? You wanna take a little better picture, get the S7. You want incredible music get this phone

  5. Of course, that looks like stock. You're using the Google Now launcher which will make most phones look like stock Android on the surface. That's not what Sense looks like on the 10. Although, it does look close.

  6. Yes, you can use any Google Cardboard compatible VR headset with it. I used a very generic VR set called the VR Box and it worked just fine. There is also the HTC Vive. It's pricey, but it is built specifically for the HTC 10.

  7. Thank you for being honest about the battery. I'm coming from a6plus S and I miss the awesome stand by time. but I can leave home work 8 hours and spend a total of 2 hours traveling and come home about 30-20. I'm hoping the next update will address that and enhance the camera even a bit more.

  8. i like the clean software on the HTC 10 but im concerned over this wifi problem. Is it that bad,that you cannot connect. Is it hardware or software related? have you tried to return it?

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