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– Best Buy offers cool discounts on Apple gear your iMom will love
– T-Mobile is all about weekly freebies for Un-carrier 11
– Fitness bands dominate US wearable market, smartwatches reign supreme in Europe
– Samsung unwillingly spills the beans on the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX wearables
– Chinese HTC 10 pre-orders total 251, customers feel cheated on specs
– Speculators believe HTC’s new company will be Vive spin-off

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the the recent Best Buy offers you can find for Mother’s day. Then we discuss some possible…

26 Comments on HTC 10 Lifestyle reaction, Fitness wearable market & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. I'm from China. To be honest, HTC's terrible strategy is the main reason behind the failure of HTC10 in China.

    According to my knowledge, HTC10 Lifestyle with snapdragon 652 costs 3799rmb which is around 570usd in mainland China. In comparison, Xiaomi's RedMi Note 3 uses Snapdragon 650 with 3GB ram and 4000mah battery only cost 1200rmb which is one third the price of HTC10 Lifestyle. And Huawei's Mate 8 which is still a great phone only costs around 3000rmb.

    I don't know why HTC make this kind of stupid strategy, but customers in China are not stupid. They are willing to spend money on great android phones from companies like Meizu, Xiaomi's, OPPO, Huawei and Samsung, but not from HTC who sells a midrange spec phone in premium price.

  2. It makes a sense why HTC so heavily invest into VR market because its not so saturated and they have decent product another thing is whether market is matured.
    On the smartphone side it is hard to understand what they ate on about but one thing is obvious they are damn inconsistent, have track of weird marketing decisions and are in trouble for this reason. If things were handled differently since original Desire I think we would have very solid and profitable OEM.

  3. they need to push smartphones, they have potential to be the best, the rest can wait. if they beat the Samsung and iPhone they can sell a lot. it will take time but they need to make really, perfect phones, like best camera, best design, best display, bigger battery life. all they need is listen to people and win their minds by giving them what they need.

  4. "we cannot wait to confirm the news" ? If you dint confirm the news, why did you put it in your daily news? Not professional. You are also including a lot of fake leaks too. Common jaime, I love your videos, but be a pro.

  5. There is such a tiny market for VR and they pour huge amounts of money for R&D and manufacturing. AND the company is already struggling…stick to phones.

  6. nexus launcher slows to a crawl??? very questionable. 799 for a 32gb s7 with expandable storage or 649 for a 128gb nexus 6p…. and I'm talking about buying the phone outright not some bs Bogo deal carriers offer.

  7. They should give the vive its own place, as htc is going to badly. It would be a shame if the entire company falls and taking down the future of the vive with them…

    PS : I live in the netherlands, and I can say that i never saw anybody wearing a fitness wearable…

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