HTC 10 Impressions!

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HTC 10: A first look at the HTC Android flagship for 2016!

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Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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  1. this is bs. we all know that we are buying the same phone every couple years… they hardly change. you spend $600+ to "upgrade" your phone when really all your doing is waisting a buttload of money on something that you hardly benefit from…

  2. im a HTC user. but I'm so dissapointed…cuz they do mistake by mistake. This phone try to have a Samsung look on front and that drive me mad and no stereo speakers on front? give me a break

  3. Is there anyone to help me?? I'm using iphone 6 and have asus zenwatch 2 paird with it. Have been offered to exchange it for brand new google nexus 5x and get $150 extra. I like my iphone and the only reason i'm thinking about doing this excange is becouse i have android wear smartwatch. So, is it worth it? Are android wear apps useful and what benefit i get from pairing it with android phone insted of pairing it with an iphone. thanks a lot in advance.

  4. is it possible to switch 'recent apps' style to tiles? It was MUCH better before on older sense! I have M8. When you see all nine apps in one window and you just pick any with just ONE touch of a finger, it is so much better people! And can you switch back to on-screen buttons? I love on screen buttons! C'mon!!

  5. HTC 10 looks awesome, nice simple android os (something that i like a lot), also i like how they're getting rid of the bloatware and going with google with the googly default apps, maybe one day they will change over to android N os.

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