HTC 10 Ice View Case and Hi-Res Earphones Review!

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The HTC 10 can come with a couple special friends – this is our review of the Ice View Case and the powerful Hi-Res Audio Earphones!

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47 Comments on HTC 10 Ice View Case and Hi-Res Earphones Review!

  1. joshua I watched also your review in Sony xperia Z2 noise cancelling earphones last year. what do you think which is better a noise cancelling earphones of xperia z2 or high resolution earphones of HTC 10?

  2. we all want the shiniest, slickest phone, but then wrap it around a thick case covering the body.
    While other rugged alternatives get shunned…i dont get it lmfao

  3. does this case have any feature to keep the flap closed? other flap type cases will just open when dropped, and your screen will be scratched. Also, why is this thing black or colored at all? Such a beautiful phone to hide, and like you mentioned, the screen is difficult to see in camera mode. This case should just be clear. not frosted.

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