HTC 10 Hands-On!

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The HTC 10 hopes to be a perfect 10 – and here is your first look at it!

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40 Comments on HTC 10 Hands-On!

  1. Just pre ordered mine….. use thr code HTC1008 at checkout and it saves u 100 USD…..that's what made me decide to tget it over the v10 …. HTC!!!

  2. I live In china.. Chinese sense didn't support google. . Can any one tell me how can I buy HTC 10 from USA .. HTC USA online store do not ships to china..

  3. Seems to finally be a worthy "upgrade" to the original M7. I admire how they are improving the audio experience, in speakers and headphones alike, unlike the majority of phone manufacturers that neglect audio enthusiasts and the audiophile community. After the releases of the M8 and M9 that shamefully destroyed HTC's reputation, though, I still remain skeptical of HTC's future.

  4. Loved your the reviews a lot, all things covered. But I think it will be great if all your videos are in 60FPS. I watched the S7 review in 60FPS and I'm blown over with the smoothness of the video. Hope you guys can implement that.

  5. looks like a good buy vs galaxy s7, in that price range anyway. Finally dare enough to say, that this phone shall kill the rest of the flagships this year. They really worked well in every department. Will be interesting to see the next full review.

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