HTC 10 Hands-On: The 10 is said to be about perfection

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According to HTC, smartphones reached an inflection point about two years ago. Innovation is somewhat dead, and it wants to battle that with this year’s flagship. according to the company, 10 is a magical number. It represents the perfect score. The number used by the best soccer players, and more. 10 is about perfection, and that´s what the company sought out with the HTC 10.

During our recent briefing the company explained how its new flagship may look similar to past iterations, but is far from it. Watch our full hands-on video as we discuss more.


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34 Comments on HTC 10 Hands-On: The 10 is said to be about perfection

  1. BE AWARE!! the HTC One m8 is still better in audio and the screen is much brighter and much sharper. (m10)The Wi-Fi connection is great and sometimes it isn't. the volume button is a little loose and the battery sucks. the software of the phone makes you think that this is a Google phone instead of a HTC(where is the photo gallery In stead of the annoying google photo that will try to push you into the cloud with you're media.) the phone will be charged from 3% to 100 into 1h40m. the design is nice and the power button at the right side is also great. The performance of the single core in comparison with the m8 dubbels and the multi core is a slight better. The fingerprint security is great and works fantastic. I have a m8 and the m10 over here but I will send my m10 back to the provider Monday cause my m8 is still the big winner for me because of the sharper screen and better speaker audio.

  2. is it possible to switch 'recent apps' style to tiles? It was MUCH
    better before on older sense! I have M8. When you see all nine apps in
    one window and you just pick any with just ONE touch of a finger, it is
    so much better people! And can you switch back to on-screen buttons? I
    love on screen buttons! C'mon!!

  3. Was so looking forward to this phone, but: NO wireless charging = No thanks, this phone is not for me, i had enough messing abound with stupid cables at home and in car, wireless charging is the future!.

  4. this phone ain't gonna save HTC…

    Their problem lies with their branding , support and greed… HTC should QUITT being a tryhard by changing and changing their product line : 'One' , frkin keep it consistent , One X , X2 , X3…

    Their customer support is a joke , and they should be competing with low end phones given their financial disaster , not be greedy to charge exorbitant prices.

  5. good job..i would love to be this problem and big one for me..the size is too small..why did htck not go to 5.7 inch…or in that area..that is what is keeping me from this phone

  6. too small, hard to go back after you had a Note 4 or Nexus 6P. They should have launched a larger one along side, some people prefer larger screen. This is good for people who prefer smaller screen tho!

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