HTC 10 hands-on preview!!!

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Today, almost 14 months removed from its last flagship announcement, HTC unveils the product upon which its hopes for the next year are pinned.

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46 Comments on HTC 10 hands-on preview!!!

  1. Phil any chance you have a Verizon Sim laying round u can test on the unlocked?? I know one hands on said it didn't work…but it def has all the bands for Verizon? thanks

  2. All that Shit about the Camera and my One M8 took better close up high definition photos than my wife's same year Samsung. My phone had a 4.1 MP camera (dual). 4 for a main and .1 for depth. How fast people forget that 1080P is only 2.1 megapixel

  3. Nitpicking, but lots of sites are reporting the rear camera's sensor as 12 UltraPixels, but UP is just HTC's marketing term for "larger-than-average pixel size", e.g. 1.55 microns. The camera still has 12 MEGApixels, i.e. 12 million pixels. So the technical term would be 12 MegaUltraPixels (which is awkward to say, I admit)

  4. The case is only really impressive part of the phone lol. The camera isn't anything mind blowing as you can tell it's the same sensor from Sony that's in the Nexus 6P which is a great camera but not best in class like they claimed, that I think goes to the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. That said I'll stick with my Nexus 6P as it has front facing speakers and IMO the best ones on the market as they're louder than the boomsound speakers we've seen from past HTC devices.

  5. saying it now, HTC 10 is definitely better than the g5, it will even give the s7 a run so long as the camera is at least comparable – the 10 will be tougher and easier to hold bc it doesn't have a glass back, the software is almost nexus clean, as a result the cpu performance will be better on the 10s 820, and the audio will be better out of speakers and headphones – Sammy will have better camera, display, more features, probably better fingerprint scanner, better io performance, and waterproofing – battery life will probably be comparable for both, a solid day, maybe 2 for light use

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