HTC 10: Hands-on

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22 Comments on HTC 10: Hands-on

  1. Very cute! Oh the phone is beautiful too! Lol. I'm big on music and the make or break feature decision ultimately came down to the boom sound on the m7, thus resulting in continuing saga with the m8 harman/kardon edition (my personal favorite) to the m9 currently in my hands writing this comment. My question? Being an HTC fan boy like myself, does the new boom sound speaker configuration out perform the old front facing set up, or does it leave a metaphorical hole where stereo sound once lived.

  2. I loved everything about the M9 except for that camera, I still rock my M9 every now and again and the thing still preforms just as fast as it did on day one , HTC really knows how to optimize for performance, my M9 feels even snappier than my Nexus 6P, I am surly going to have to pick up an M10 in the very near future, awesome video my man. #subscribed.

  3. How is the texting and group messaging on the 10?! I'm a big HTC fan (still using the M7) but the messaging was absolutely awful! I want to get the 10, but only if messaging is more responsive. I would appreciate any insights.

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