HTC 10 Gold Unboxing: Pretty or Tacky?

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Check out my unboxing of the new HTC 10 in gold! Warning: it’s mostly about the gold color ;). And how this HTC 10’s gold compares to the Galaxy S7’s flashy bling bling gold, for example.

While I was debating my purchase, I noticed there are very few videos with the HTC 10 in the gold color. It was hard to get an idea of how it looks in real life. Pretty or tacky? I decided to make this video in case you’re also still wondering if you should go for it!

Apart from the color options, it is a great year for smartphones overall, and the HTC 10 has some fierce competition. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to get this phone or keep my Galaxy S7 (Edge).

The Galaxy S7 Edge seems to have the, well, edge on paper. Water resistance, wireless charging, a much bigger battery, … There’s so much it has over the HTC 10.

But in the end, I caved anyways and also bought the HTC 10 in Topaz Gold. I do have a soft…

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  1. I have both of those phones my m7 in that same color Silver n My HTC 10 is in a different color in Glace Silver but neather my phones came with those HTC headphones and I don't kno why? Werid Eh?

  2. Very nice review! You have a very warm and personal review style which is unique among YouTubers. And I'm surprised from watching your video that the gold is actually quite nice, despite having the silver HTC 10 myself. You presented the gold colour in a really subtle yet pleasing way. Well done!

  3. hey can anyone tell me where i can buy this online in the US? All of Amazon's options don't offer any warranty and the US HTC website doesn't have it in gold, can anyone link somewhere where i can buy this online?

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