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HTC 10 32GB Unlocked Carbon Gray

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In this video we take a look at the all new Flagship smartphone from HTC, the HTC 10. The all metal unibody construction is what HTC is known for and this time around they’ve offered a few features never before seen on a smartphone and exclusive to the HTC 10 only. Some features which include Boomsound Hi-Fi-, Dual OIS and more. With a few changes, this might just be the fastest smartphone you can get your hands on. The HTC 10 is easily one of the best smartphones of 2016. Watch the video to learn more!

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36 Comments on HTC 10 Glacier Silver – Review | King of Metal

  1. did you know that you have one of the best htc 10 reviews currently
    available?lol kudos bro!!! oh and just for clarification the zoe photo mode is actually the originator of the live photo feature we see on devices today which debuted with the original one m7 in 2013.

  2. I have some questions.I want to buy a phone after 2 months later.I've 2 choices:Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10.

    HTC 10:Responsible UI and fantastic build quality.But only problem is about adoptable storage.I have heard that this function slows down crazily the performance of the phone.

    Galaxy S7 Edge:Fantastic design and some little functions.The only problem is Touchwiz.Samsung tells that "Touchwiz is fixed".It may be true because Android isn't old Android.But though i can't believe them.May be it'a little problem that Touchwiz is also ugly.

    I don't play games(sometimes may be Subway Surfers,but not that strong games),just using whatsapp,facebook,google chrome,messenger and some light apps.Will Galaxy S7 Edge lag after 2,2.5 years later even using these apps?

    P.s.Help me for choosing.

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