HTC 10 Full Screen Replacement – Charging port fix – Battery Repair – NEW!

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Black HTC 10 Full Screen HERE:
Smart Phone Tool Kit Wit T5 bit:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:


Phones break. It happens to everyone at some point. If your HTC 10 is out of warranty, or you dont have insurance. It might be worth your time and effort to fix it yourself, and watch this teardown. This video shows the process of repairing an HTC 10 android smartphone released in 2016. Full disassembly and reassembly. Maybe your phone is broken already… or maybe you just enjoy seeing technology from the inside. [High Five fellow super nerd!]

I start off by showing how the screen is removed from the frame with heat. After that the midframe comes out and we can disconnect the screen from there. After that we will replace the charging port, then the middle board, the battery, and finally the top board with the front OIS stabilized camera….

30 Comments on HTC 10 Full Screen Replacement – Charging port fix – Battery Repair – NEW!

  1. Hey im not a pro with phones but what are those little cables they taped on the motherboard?? it kinda looks cheap… and dangerous… like the glue from the tape could get weaker and maybe after some drops they wont hold those cables anymore and it will cause a problem if they disconect or something so you will have to do this whole opening up your phone thing to fix it… is that true or not?

  2. I agree that i looks messy but seeing how everything is on a separate board and very modular, i think it was a deliberate design choice. If somehow they make it (a lot) easier to open and decide not to solder the vibrator motor to the motherboard, it might be easier to repair for the average joe because they can order one of those boards and swap it out.

  3. I had to do one of these last week. You make it look so much easier than it was for me! Absolutely excellent videos! So glad that you can take time for this from your fulltime job as launch announcer at NASA….. Kidding, I Can't help myself sometimes.  Your tutorials are a very credible value to the Tech industry. Thank you.

  4. That was impressive how you did that without damaging the device lol. I remember I fixed an M7 once, it was very difficult but I did it! Thanks for this video though! If I ever need to open an HTC 10 I'll come here for guidance. :p

  5. dude you've got the best voice a man could ever have,maybe I'm not the "biggest" fan of taking phones apart but watching your videos makes me feel good,any way do you have a university degree or you have learend these stuff by yourself?

  6. Hi Jerry! I love your teardown videos, but I just bought an Asus ZenFone 2 laser phone… Could you make a teardown video for this device? It would be fantastic in case of a screen or charging port replacement
    Hi, Paolo

  7. Боже, какая ЖЕСТЬ внутри… ТРИ платы! И куча-куча уебанских разъемов (почему бы не использовать нормальные?)… Еще и вибрик припаян. Как они могли такое сделать?
    Samsung внутри (все модели) по сравнению с этим, сделаны просто идеально. Всё до мелочей продумано в плане удобства разборки и в плане схемотехнических решений.

  8. by the looks of it, i am scared teardown the phone
    but you do what you gotta do
    loved the phone and the video as always

    that 3 circuit board design reminded me of a NOKIA 6600 it also had 3 layers
    that phone was my first teardown :)

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