HTC 10: Five Things You Need to Know!

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The HTC 10 is official and here are the top 5 features you need to know about.

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35 Comments on HTC 10: Five Things You Need to Know!

  1. I have the BlackBerry Classic but I am going to HTC 10, mostly because t apps are limiting o blackberry and it took me forever to sideload Google play and by then I already ordered my HTC from Tmobile. Should I keep both is my dilemma. Thanks for ur video love them you are the best :)

  2. HTC killed the htc sense (their own skin) which does not make any sense btw,its the biggest mistake in this phone in my opinion,i think i am gonna wait for sony xperia x performance because of its price and features

  3. If, in the future, HTC 10 plus with heart rate censor, UV censor, stress meter, blood pressure detector and 5.5 screen size Quad HD, water proof, I will consider to get one LOL

  4. Please test the following aspects: screen "viewability" in daylight (vs S7), how long the battery lasts with high usage and sound quality with headphones ("mid-range" headphones) – thank you :)

  5. I have the HTC One M8 right now and thinking of getting either the Nexus 6P or the HTC 10. I can't wait for a full review of the HTC 10. Would really help me choose between the two.

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