HTC 10 First Review: Splashy Screen, Cool Camera, Powerful Processor

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The new HTC flagship goes not by One M10, it’s simply called HTC 10. But the features are all but plain: The 12 megapixels camera comes with big sensor pixels (1.55 µm), bright lens (f 1.8) as well as an optical image stabilizer (OIS). So does the front camera, including auto-focus and OIS! The Snapdragon 820 processor augurs lots of power and the 5.2″ (132 mm) screen with 1440 x 2560 pixels elated extremely on the first test. All the info + price and availability + first impressions in this hands-on video.

What do you think about the HTC 10? You next phone? Or what is it you don’t like? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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45 Comments on HTC 10 First Review: Splashy Screen, Cool Camera, Powerful Processor

  1. A typical issue of aluminum covered with its colouring.

    I fear that its sharp edges are vulnerable to dents. The dents are even more visible to the black version of htc.

    Aside from that it's a brilliant phone with a remarkable audio quality, good display, great camera, great build, great durability and its snappy responsiveness.

    Nice video! Great review!

  2. they should have put the button on the back and the speakers back to the front the phone looks ugly also the sharp edges makes it ugly I think it sucks tbh

  3. honestly htc one was a huge step towards a new direction but now it looks just like a generic phone, not so impressed with this phone….I've been a fan of the one since m7 till m8 then after that the htc became worthless compared to other flagship phones. a9 looked like a iPhone and the m10 looks like a s6/s7 edge….very disappointed

  4. I have the M8S and I love it. This appears to be a great phone also. However, there is some small things such as the camera and speakers that, although are very innovative, don't seem as good as the M9 and M8. Nonetheless, HTC make great devices and I'll definitely stick with them with my next upgrade.

  5. Thanks for the great pictures of the screen, Lutz. Very nice, and I like the view from the meter. I've always liked LCD better than AMOLED. This looks like the perfect screen for me. Boomsound is important for me too. I hope your full review can capture sound quality as well.

  6. the front looks so bad i looks just like a galaxy not and i hate that design i was hoping to buy this phone but now to so much dont want to sound like a hater i love htc i am still using the m7 as my secondary and the m9 as my primary but that front just eww cant get over it…

  7. i have the m8 should i just get the m9 or skip to the 10 i dont really wanna drop $800 for the few new features. looks awesome but seems like it aint all to different from the m9

  8. With galaxy it seems like if we wait a couple of years you can see the difference between the phones. With HTC it seems like we must wait at least 3 years. This one looks different but still nothing special. At first it looked like an iphone.

  9. Have question about software
    There is multitasking option ? Open two apps in thisame time?
    Can you make screen smaller if you using phone by one hand?
    Is recording 4K and in raw photo format?

  10. God you fags, nothing can satisfy your God damn needs just enjoy the damn phone for what it is, front facing speaks no one uses that 24/7 stop bitching, they went through all the trouble of removing the front logo, improved the camera added extra storage, high res sound etc yet you all still complain damn why don't you all just go buy Apple/Samsung devices instead

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