HTC 10 First Look and Tour!

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Yeah, we know you saw everything you needed to see about the HTC 10 yesterday, but we sat down today for a lengthy look at HTC’s new flagship. Review up soon!

32 Comments on HTC 10 First Look and Tour!

  1. I swear this guy spent 14 minutes sounding like he was being forced to describe how sexy his sister is. Clearly every positive thing he said about this phone was through grated teeth. Samsung loyalist, perhaps?

  2. I wish the damn phone industry would stop with the A9 being and Iphone clone…how can you copy something you started? get it right Apple copied the M7 & M8 not the other way around sheesh apple copies another company and gets praised for it!!

  3. What does the price have anything to do with HTC not beign in the news the last few years, according to it's specs the price is on point with other flagship phones, also for your information, Apple is the one who copied HTC in the design department, apparently you just crawled out of your cave.

  4. Wasn't the HTC one m7 750+ dollars when it came out? I never heard anyone complain about it back then so why complain about this phone's price when there's tons of phones in the market way more expensive than this

  5. omg, I can't believe the headphone jack is at the top!! how fucking stupid!!!!! I love everything else about it though. what a shame, it was almost the perfect phone.

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