HTC 10: First 10 Things to Do

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Our HTC 10 review will be along shortly, but for now, we’re still giving you the coverage it deserves as HTC’s best phone in years (which isn’t really saying much).

22 Comments on HTC 10: First 10 Things to Do

  1. Love the phone, but HTCs messaging app sucks ass.. Its the same crappy app they had all the way back with HTC HD2. Still cant send texts to more than 10 people which is ridiculous.

  2. Complaints:
    1. Quick settings cannot be rearrange. (Holding the gear icon doesn't work on 6.0.1)
    2. Via USB, the internal storage doesn't include music or photo file making it impossible to practically copy and paste from media from PC to phone
    3. HTC sync manager still doesn't recognize the device when plugged in(it's been about 4 years) C'mon HTC fix your program

  3. what is a general good practice for choosing where to store things on your phone? (internal or sd) you mentioned photos on the sd, so is it just large data that you should move over to external like music, large apps?

  4. is it possible to switch 'recent apps' style to tiles? It was MUCH
    better before on older sense! I have M8. When you see all nine apps in
    one window and you just pick any with just ONE touch of a finger, it is
    so much better people! And can you switch back to on-screen buttons? I
    love on screen buttons! C'mon!!

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