HTC 10 Drop Test!

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How Durable is the NEW HTC 10? Well here’s a Drop Test on how Durable it is.

HTC 10 Drop Test!
HTC 10 Drop Test!

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41 Comments on HTC 10 Drop Test!

  1. So if I drop my brand new shiny HTC 10, face down on non smoothed cement sidewalk, the screen will break, fucking piece of shit, I'm glad they didn't advertise having an unbreakable screen.

  2. If we don't watch the video until the end we don't know it's still working ! During the test you don't even try to turn it on ! That's the reason why I don't like this video. I think it's good to have a drop test to check the quality but if the test is not really well done… It s very bad for the reputation of the phone ! HTC 10 is definitely a very good phone !

  3. Why on earth did you start off with the most destructive drop? Almost every phone gets completely destroyed with the face down. However only a handful of phones get messed up with a side/rear drop.

  4. Really, you drop the phone face down on concrete from 4 feet up and it breaks the screen? Way to advance our scientific knowledge. Now find me a screen that doesn't break when you drop it straight on its face onto concrete.

  5. man, face down drop is the last drop you should do. you wrecked the phone with the first drop.. what use dropping it on the side if we can't know if that drop will affect the working capacity. . anyways.. hope you got the phone for free. :)

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