HTC 10 Charge Gate! Overheating While Charging?!

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42 Comments on HTC 10 Charge Gate! Overheating While Charging?!

  1. Why did you measure the temperature of the rear first & then the front there onwards. Surely the rear will be nearer the battery & therefore warmer?!?
    Not a very scientific test

  2. Beauty of HTC is you get free protection so even if you did have an issue HTC will replace the phone for free… Name one other manufacturer so Confident in their devices that they will replace your phone due to damages, performance issues, etc… 100% free for the first year ?

  3. While Quick Charge 3.0 may not technically fall within the USB Type-C spec, it is only enabled if both the phone and the charger complete the initial handshake and see that they are compatible with it. Without this successful handshake, they'll both revert to regular USB Type-C standard charging.

    Also, (assuming the reports are true) since the Nexus 6P charger is the common variable in this story, how come it's not being seen as the problem as opposed to the phone? Are other chargers doing this? (I'm asking because I don't know; not some fanboy shit.)

  4. I've noticed that there are times when I'm charging my HTC 10 with the cable that it came with that the phone does get very warm. This isn't consistent, as it will do this sometimes but not at other times.

  5. when smratphone plug in charger, it must got some heat, i use original charger that HTC provided in the box, well, kind of hot around 35~38 degrees, but if you wear on a case, it will easily raise up to 40 or even 45. In conclusion, don't wear any cases while charging your phones.

  6. I'm using multiple chargers all with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0.

    I have the one that came with the phone, an aukley dual 3.0 Qualcomm quick charge wall charger, an aukley dual Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge car charger and a anker Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge portable charger, all with aukley usb 3.0 C cables and no issues at all.

    They all charge at full speed and no heat issues or warnings. Even playing a game while charging is fine with it getting a little warm.

    Without all the details of what's running on the two phones in question & not knowing all the facts, you can't generalize all the phones. The video here shows that.

  7. Is it possible for you to test the LG g5 in the same manner? With the new discovery of USB fast charging support, we may actually yield better results versus QC 3.0. I've gotten around 1 hour and 16 minutes on the G5 from roughly 0 to 100 percent. The nexus 6p can achieve a time of around 1 hour and thirty minutes with a considerably larger power cell.

  8. I've had the htc 10 for 4 days now and I can say I'm having heat issues. I installed a cpu temp monitor app and during charging I regularly see Temps above 100. Especially in use, I see upwards of 120 f, even higher. I'll admit I'm a heavy user, mostly skype calls for work and that is a resource hog I know but I have to use it. I had the Samsung note 4 before the htc 10, it got hot but only in one or two places and no where near as hot as the htc 10 does. I never messed with the phone, no overclocking. At times when charging and using at the same time, it gets so hot I can't hold it. pretty sure I'll return it. maybe make a video on it on youtube. I want to like this phone but it's to the point where it gets so hot I can't use it. I may get a Samsung s7 but glass backs seem like the worst idea ever. Maybe I'll go back to my note 4. ugh, why can't android phone makers actually pull off the perfect phone? seems like they all manage to always have one major fault. I know they will never truly be perfect but major faults like horrible camera software, overheating, glass backs, over saturated UIs, resource intense UIs, bloatware that you can't uninstall, oh and verizon users having to wait forever to get OTAs. for this first time in my life I actually want to switch to an apple device. never thought that would happen. sorry for the rant and horrible grammer, on tablet, pain in the a** to type. maybe I'll get the note 7 when it comes out. hate that the htc 10 has to go but I'm pretty sure it has to. also the camera software is iffy on the htc 10. some times it takes amazing photos, other times it's like what was that. get lots of foggy photos,and the lens is clean. just odd. maybe this one is a faulty device, I don't know.but I don't want to take that chance. I'm gonna write htc an email.

  9. I have the exact same issue, I was surprised no one takes about getting the phone so hot when charging.. I didn't know it pass with a different charge

  10. htc fucked up again I loved my HTC's up to the m8 and it still was okay but was having a few problems with it I got the HTC M9 for free so I took the upgrade and I've had to return for of phone 4 times with them giving me new ones because of the same problems not charging overheating allot and loss of battery they fucked up

  11. It is not possible to overcharge a phone battery, otherwise the phone wont turn on ever again. I think that what's happening in that in some cases the circuit keeps taking energy from the nexuses charger but puts that energy to the dissipaton part of that circuit away from the fully charged battery and transforming the htc10 in a 15W stove that overheats.

  12. My included HTC charge adapter actually broke on my first day. I have been using both a power bank and a Sony Xperia z3 compact charge adapter and haven't experienced any heat related problems.

  13. That's the thing about the guy gets a bad phone and everyone thinks it will happen to there's too. Not a htc 10 fan but I'd like to think phones within the past 6 years know when there fully charged and stop charging once they get to 100 percent

  14. is there much difference between measuring the front to the back? I noticed you measured the back at the beginning but then measured the front afterwards, I think metal would transmit more heat than the glass. great vid!

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