HTC 10 Challenge: Introduction

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The introduction of a challenge unlike any other. A challenge that tests the build, power, and integrity of the flagship HTC 10 smartphone. How does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5? Is it ‘Daily Driver’ material? Should you buy the HTC 10? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this multi-part series.

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24 Comments on HTC 10 Challenge: Introduction

  1. Please test the audio features on the HTC 10. Too many reviewers just don't pay any attention to the DAC, which is a stand-out feature of the 10. I'm not being a HTC fanboy here, but this is a feature that deserves more in-depth reviews.

  2. when you get to flagship level phones with android they are pretty much the same … most people will be happy whether using samsung, lg, or htc as long as they are spec'd out.

  3. where do u get the idea that people are upgrading less frequently?? i'd make the argument that with the death of the 2 year contract people are upgrading more frequently

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