HTC 10 Cases! [Spigen]

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Here’s quick overview of HTC 10 cases from Spigen!

Get them here:

Spigen Crystal Shell Case for HTC 10 (my #1 favorite):

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for HTC 10:

Spigen Neo Hybrid “Crystal” Case for HTC 10:

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for HTC 10:

Spigen Slim Armor Case for HTC 10 (with kickstand):

Spigen Thin Fit Case for HTC 10:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for HTC 10:

For close-up photos of the cases, go here:

Also see my HTC 10 Unboxing here:

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40 Comments on HTC 10 Cases! [Spigen]

  1. Spigen make premium cases, but if you don't buy them in the US you'll pay top dollar. They, if anything make the HTC 10 even more premium but they add pocket bulging bulk!

  2. You know what's nice? the fact that you are still doing your videos. have been away from the Google world for the first time for about a year ever since the G1 so when I found this video right after getting away from apple and onto the HTC 10 and here you are. AWESOME!!

  3. Honestly I want that S7 Edge the black with the clear case looks so fucking dope ! I'm here with the S6 gold version, it looks nice. but idk.

  4. At this point my 10 is completely 'nekkid'. Got a tempered glass here, haven't put it on yet.. I feel it's gonna ruin the look? More than it did on the other htc's, that didn't have the 2.5 glass..
    I prefer my cases as subtile as they get.. don't wanna get in the way of the awesome design of htc. So I ended up with a 'nearly there' case, much like the ultra hybrid from spigen. I did have a neon hybrid for my m9 aswell, ike the second one in this vid. I liked it, looked very good, but it started feeling a bit too sharp at the cutouts at the bottom, where I hold my little finger for support. How is it with this one for the 10? I think I might go for the ultra hybrid or crystal shell here

  5. Nice reviews! Definitely will go with Spigen. I've used them for a lot of my phones in the past, and your review definitely sealed my decision to use them again. I will say that I disagree with you on using Gorilla Glass naked. I used to share the same opinion as you, however after cleaning Gorilla Glass on a daily basis to remove the daily grime that had built up I noticed a deterioration in the performance of the oleophobic coating on the glass. Your finger would no longer run smooth across the screen. I have committed myself to using tempered glass protection with all my phones and clean them every day with no performance issues. Thank you again.

  6. I was very reluctant to get any of the Spigen cases, because they have the two extra cutouts on the top of the phone for the IR Blaster that isn't actually on the phone, and they look quite ugly, IMO.

  7. the cases look like a ribbed condom except for the last one and for your back you got to get "trigger point injections" that will do the trick & get a good physical therapist

  8. Great video! Thank you for showing the differences in the cases you can't see by just looking at the websites. The little nuances were covered in your video in what I'd hopefully get from handling them myself. Really glad you torqued them a bit to know how stiff they are. Would have been good to discuss rubbery grip on them a bit more, but not complaining. With as many choices as they had…let's just say they don't make it easy. I'm gonna snag that Crystal Shell case, too. Looks grippy, with protection, and has the ability to show the color of the phone. Great work, ML. Much appreciated on the video.

  9. Sorry Max, but I disagree with what you said about the Rugged armor case. I have one and it's not flimsy at all, it fits the phone perfectly and I have no concerns over the phone falling out should I accidentally drop it.
    I'm thinking about getting another one, perhaps the Neo Hybrid. Thanks for the video, definitely helps anyone who is looking to get a top class Spigen case for their HTC 10.
    Transparent cases go yellow over time (even the one made by Spiugen) which is a deal breaker for me. I've had one of the crystal clear Spigen cases on my One M8 and it went into the bin after something like 6 months. They are nice when they're new, but don't get fooled. Never again.

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