HTC 10 Cases Review 5-12-16

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Cases included in this review:

Cimo Wave: $7.98 –
Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal: $15.99 –
Spigen Neo Hybrid: $15.99 –
Tudia Ultra Slim Arch: $9.90 –
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2 Comments on HTC 10 Cases Review 5-12-16

  1. Hello, i would like to thank you for the honest review you have done on our product.If you remember in previous models of the HTC M there were IR ports on the top portion of the phone which naturally forced us to have the big opening. In the HTC 10 version we had intel that this was going to be the case again, and for some reason they decided to opt out of it in the final stages. But most case manufacturers had already designed and started production. If you check some of the other manufacturers they also have top port openings. We are in the process of fixing this as many people rightfully complained and we apologize. If any of our customers have any complaints about this issue they can contact us and we will gladly help them out immediately. Thanks!

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