HTC 10 Case by IStar Review #HTC10Case

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We review and take a look at the HTC 10 TPU clear case with screen protector.
Htc 10 Clear Case Ultra Thin Transparent Silicone Gel Cover & Clear Screen Protector (Htc 10, Clear) by iStar

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Product info: screen protector is to small but is very clear, had a lot of dust around which led to air bubbles, you only get 1 screen protector, clear tpu case is very good for the price and is a must to protect your device.

Product Specs: Impact Absorbent
• 100% Visual Transparency
• Made from durable high quality TPU silicone Gel
• Opening to all connections and controls
• Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all features without removing the case

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