HTC 10 – Camera

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Learn about the changes and improvements with the camera app. We’ll also share some tips on how to take great photos with your phone. Find out more at:

30 Comments on HTC 10 – Camera

  1. what about you people fix the out of focus problem on htc 10 its not only me many people having this issue it should be fix asap or i am saying bye bye forever to htc

  2. the m10 should have 1080p-120fps slow motion. most phones record can record at both 720p-240fps, and 1080p-120fps. I have always owned HTC, but just about every flagship can do this, so it would great if there was an update to correct this. I was bummed after switching from my m8 to the A9 to find that I wasn't able to record at 60fps, and one of my main reasons for switching to the m10 would be for better video capabilities.

  3. you guys should definitely have incorporated the duo camera back onto the m10. the second sensor on the m8 was awesome and made the images look so much more lifelike, and now with a higher resolution sensor it would be on a whole other level from another phone out now.

  4. The new HTC 10 is attractive especially the Capture Raw Photos which should be the first
    of its kind for easy handling ! The low light shots is very similar to S7 Edge's Duel Pixel !

  5. The best one for me was the M7 LOVE THAT PHONE ???❤️ and m8 was ok and from m9 wtf …. And now HTC is back BIG TIMES!!!
    In my opinion HTC 10 is going to be the best smartphone of the ear and next one???????

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