HTC 10 Camera vs iPhone 6s Plus & Galaxy S7

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The HTC 10 was just released and has some major camera improvments over last year’s M9! But is it good enough to compete with the iPhone 6s Plus & Galaxy S7? What do you guys think? (:
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28 Comments on HTC 10 Camera vs iPhone 6s Plus & Galaxy S7

  1. I've always liked the Samsung Galaxy cameras I have a Note 5 and I like it's camera. I have checked out the S7's camera in a store and it's really good can't wait for the Note 6. So for me I liked the S7 over the others the iPhone takes nice shots to with its more realistic photos but I prefer the more vibrant colors that the Galaxy phones produce.

  2. very fair non-biased review.
    I have both the 10 and the s7, the s7 already cracked the glass back.
    however, I like the camera better on the 10 due to closer to life colors, I can live with the s7 camera except for the always yellow faces, no matter what I try people's faces look yellow. any suggestions on how to fix this? I have emailed Samsung but got no response yet.

  3. Oh my god don't even get me started with 4:27… iPhone is smoothest, no lens flare, and the words are easily readable, yet, you'd choose the HTC 10 if it weren't for the lens flare??!!! Now this is stupid I'm gone.

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