HTC 10 Camera Review: Dual Camera OIS = Best Android Phone Camera?

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I bring you my HTC 10 Camera Review in this episode. I wanted to review the HTC 10 camera specifically because many in the media reviewed it too early. The pre-launch camera software was slow and buggy, but an update was released for the camera a couple of days before the HTC 10 went on sale to the general public, which vastly improved the camera experience. Check out the camera videos and image samples included in this episode. What do you think? What’s your favorite smartphone camera?

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26 Comments on HTC 10 Camera Review: Dual Camera OIS = Best Android Phone Camera?

  1. Great review 🙂

    Surprised you guys aren't phased by the skipped frames from many smartphones, compared to your mirrorless/dslr footage it's pretty choppy. Is it something you guys just live with or don't notice? Props for mentioning 12bit raw, I didn't know it had 12 bit! not bad at all.

    Since the 10 is based on Marshmallow, did you try double pressing the power button to launch the camera?

    Edit: now that I think bout it, do you guys import/export at 29.976fps or 30fps? thinking bout the skipped frames issue.

  2. I'm sorry, but after seeing this review i'm going with another Samsung

    My Note 3 can record pretty good video with the front facing camera in low light, it doesn't have any focussing issues like i saw on the front facing camera clip from the HTC 10..
    Sure, it doesn't have optical image stabilization, and the Aperture is F2.2. But the quality overal seems MUCH better than the HTC 10. The only thing that is WORSE is the audio quality.

    The next phone for me is the Galaxy S7 or the Note 4, Samsung is doing fantastic stuff with their phones, and you can say what you want about Touchwiz, but they still remain the best brand for android smartphones and all their phones are greatly recieved.

  3. On point review. Finally someone that can see right through the" Galaxy over saturate s7" curtain. Just got the 10 and the contrast in the photos is on point.The front facing camera is darn near perfect with the ois

  4. I don't shoot photo's on a regular basis but the HTC 10 seems to do just fine for my usage. Even the low-light peformance is good, certainly way better than my Samsung Galaxy S4. Can't wait to get the HTC 10 soon.

  5. bro its having major focusing issue more often when you try to zoom in on far object i think softwate update will solve this issue but still come on htc is this flagship with majbor focusing issue and in reply they say clean you laser and camera lense that what i will do when i need to take pictures everytime? or say i need to take a quick picture of something and i will tell them please wait i need to clean the lense and laser then move lol thats funny

  6. Man, I use the double swipe to launch the camera all the time and it rarely let's me down. This phone is awesome coming off the M8, I'd say after a couple of weeks of use I wouldn't change anything. Perhaps HTC could have left the UI tuner unlock as an option. The missing customisation of the quick settings from the notification bar was something I was missing the first day. Then I've realised that all I need to be there is there. But options as calculator and flashlight, cmon HTC, seriously? Calculator sucks and there are more useful features that could be in there instead of the flashlight.

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