HTC 10 Camera Review

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We test out the new shooters on the HTC 10 to see if their camera curse has ended. Spoiler alert: this is HTC’s best.

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9 Comments on HTC 10 Camera Review

  1. The camera does tend to flare a lot which is annoying. Whenever there is a distinct light in the background the flare goes all crazy, both for videos and pictures.
    The other problem I have been having with the camera on the HTC 10 is when shooting at 12mp HD the time between snapping the picture and the phone being ready to take the next shot is too long…lots of lag.

  2. Thanks for the fine review. Slight overexposure and blown highlights can be fixed in a software update, but flare (and the low contrast resulting from it) is a big problem with this lens. This is a major flaw, not found in the S7 and the G5.

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