HTC 10 Camera Feature Focus

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We take a closer look at the features and image quality that the camera on HTC’s latest flagship has to offer in this HTC 10 camera feature focus!

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39 Comments on HTC 10 Camera Feature Focus

  1. This video is important because I do a very detailed 10 paper long essay on every picture I take. Didn't see anything wrong in like 95% of these pictures and Audio is pretty good

  2. i dont know why OIS to be magical when you are walking like that! even a good steady cam would have a hard jb if you are moving like you are drunk! I assume HTC tuned the OIS for low light photos- where small oscillations are seen more than big movements

  3. WHY are you obsessed with saturation? whenapps like snapseed are a tap away, id take balanced colors with the right exposure instead of an oversaturated improperly exposed photo! and people are gonna apply filters anyway and photos with less saturation play more nicely with filters……please HTC dont listen to this guy and increase the saturation

  4. The front facing stabilisation is terrible lol it's simply not there at all – over all not bad but certainly not a great camera compared to many other phones out there.

    I'm still going to get one since it has a decent DAC and over all user experience – hopefully!

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