HTC 10 Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test – Durability video

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Buying a smartphone is a big decision! Durability is one of the factors is taken into consideration. The New HTC 10 is just released. And its time to be tested. Extreme tests like scratching, bending, and even burning the display are important to get an idea for how well the phone will stand up to the test of time.

Most phones are ‘supposed’ to last about 2 years… A lot can happen in 2 years. People will sit on their phone, step on their phone, accidentally scratch their phone. My durability tests will give you an idea for how well the HTC 10 will stand up to regular use. I always recommend getting a case and a screen protector… but its still interesting to see how the naked phone will handle life.

How durable is the HTC 10? After scratching the screen, and attempting to bend the phone… you’ll have a good idea for how much the phone will be able to handle.

Amazon has some pretty awesome cases for the HTC 10:

Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:…

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  1. I just busted my iPhone, big time. Looking at prices for a new one is killing me. But why on earth would I get another iPhone? I'm getting this for sure. Absolute cracker of a phone by the looks of it.

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