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– Yet another sweet eBay deal brings leather LG G4 price down to $275
– Sketchy OnePlus 3 device and retail box pics put us an inch closer to release
– Lenovo slates Project Tango phone, mystery Motorola launch for June 9
– Everything comes together with this DROID Turbo 3 / Moto X 2016 leak
– HTC lost another $150 million during Q1, with ‘good momentum’ anticipated next
– HTC 10 shines in bend, scratch and burn tests, impressing with its durability

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about some of the new deals for last year’s LG G4, which we…

20 Comments on HTC 10 Bend Test, OnePlus 3 leaks & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. well durability is a big thing for me now it is the WORST thing to use a smashed screen it is very disturbing and you're phone/tablet does not fell as premium with a shattered screen

  2. Durability is key, but quality is also up there. HTC10 Does not disappoint. When you hold it you appreciate the craftsmanship and all the details that went into making this phone. I traded my S7 for it, and no regrets here. Perfect Daily driver for sure.
    I only wish the battery tech could catch up to all the other tech that is getting upgraded each year. We have quad HD Screens, quad core, or 8 core CPUs tons of ram, but battery is still mediocre and hasn't really changed that much, apart from Qualcom's tech Quickcharge which does help in this case as it can fully charge the phone in about an hour from zero.

  3. phones have to be strong everyone with I phones I know constantly brake them most androids just bounce or chip very rare anyone I know has one brake so yes a strong phone is a good thing

  4. I'm not clumsy or ham fisted but a device must have a solid feeling AND it must be put in a case for added protection. The slightest scratch or mark on it will drive me bananas.

  5. Durability is extremely important! I'd more likely not want a case on a V10 or a 10 than an S7 that's for sure.Drop the S7 and uh oh, drop the others and just dust them off.

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