HTC 10 bend test, Galaxy Note 6 focus comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

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38 Comments on HTC 10 bend test, Galaxy Note 6 focus comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

  1. I like the new Asus line up, I was thinking of Huawei P8 Max before but now I have Asus as an option to. I have Sony Xperia Ultra among Nokia 1020 so nice video thanks! ?

  2. You guys in pocket now are the best and you Jaime as I think are the best of the best. As for smartphones companies if they don't want to give us better battery life they should at least give us a battery that can be fully charged in very short time. As for best smartphone I think the notes are the best

  3. Do more vid like this it was great keep it up and you should start a hastag for things we want to see on the note 6 and see if samsung will listen since they said they are listening to the people.great job and keep it up.

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  5. The Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 could be used for the next generation of the Apple Battery Case. The case wouldn't need the massive "chin" to connect using Lightning.

  6. Is it possible that Samsung drags out updates because they no longer care about Android? Samsung is working hard on making their new international devices run Tizen. I personally think that once Samsung gets enough support for Tizen they will leave the Android game and go full force at promoting Tizen as the main OS.

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