HTC 10 Battery Life Review! (4K)

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HTC 10 Battery Life Review. Based on my personal usage, I gotta say i’m pretty impressed!

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29 Comments on HTC 10 Battery Life Review! (4K)

  1. I have NEVER got more than 3 hours of screen on time with ANY phone, and I've owned a LOT. INCLUDING a Note 5, Nexus 6p, S7 Edge. I just don't get how reviewers get this kind of time. Do they keep the brightness at the absolute lowest??

  2. Hi Brother can u do me a favor since u own the HTC 10 …I would like to see a small video about the HTC sense …phone app messaging app ….since I really don't like the HTC sense can download the Google now launcher & please check the blink feed work with it ..???? big help ..because iam gonna buy it by next week …Thanks

  3. HTC 10 and g5 looks ugly in 2016 I must say but the name's are rising up like copying each other name's in different kind of name's it's getting so popular in other companies like HTC m9s and iPhone 6s…. s7 but it's the other way round but still it's copied. ??? I wish other companies can try of thinking of other name's I wish wish lol. ??

  4. Very pleased that the 2016 flagships have massively improved battery life compared to last year. For a QHD screen, more than 5 hours SOT is very good. Do you have the Huawei Mate 8? that has crazy battery too, but it does have a FHD screen.

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