HTC 10 – Battery Charge Test (Quick Charge 3.0)

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Not all phones charge the same. Or do they?

25 Comments on HTC 10 – Battery Charge Test (Quick Charge 3.0)

  1. I saw on another video a comment saying that QC only works fully when the phone is switched ON, and that there's hit 100 in just 40 minutes, which sounds unreal. I've just got my HTC 10 so I'll test this myself soon enough

  2. Really great video man, just want to know what is the specs on the LG g5 charger, and htc m10?
    I mean the charger output value, I have the galaxy s7 and it has the same charger as galaxy s6 with 5v 2amp
    9v 1.67 amp
    Could you some back with the charger spec on the g5 and m10 thanks!

  3. the information about you screen on time and on battery hours around 1:00 would have provided much more value if you've also mentioned the screen brightness setting, as I feel that makes an awful lot of difference.

  4. Quick charging is the biggest scam of the decade with phones. Ruin your phone's sealed non replaceable battery super quickly so you have to spend more money. Great…

  5. Dude I saw some charging video where the user had a usb-c to usb-c cable from anker and it charger inner 1 hours fully (Y) So if you would use USB-c to USB-c on a X99 or 2011-v3 Mainboard it would charge it even faster… I will recieve my device in the next days and I'm going to test the anker USB C charger with 24 watts as HTC only uses 15 watts. And USB C cables are able to take up to 100watts with 2,4A… So I hope it will charge faster with the anker charger..

  6. like seriously, I've had every high end Android phone out there, and have never EVER got more than 3 hours on screen time. I'd really like to know what these reviewers do to get that kind of on-screen time. Is your brightness at the absolute lowest? Do you want any kind of streaming video at all? I just don't believe it and I have never known anyone personally to have a phone that has that long of a screen on time

  7. i think whats crazy is how fast the g5 was draining battery. I know this wasnt about the g5 but this vid just knocked it off the list of my next phone

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