HTC 10 48hr review

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After two days reviewing the new HTC flagship, simply named, the HTC 10, we feedback our initial findings so you know what you can loosely expect ahead of our full review next week. This is a really good phone, the speakers, the performance, the adoptable storage. For many, this could be the ultimate gaming device. For others, it will just be inelegant alongside the S7 Edge. What do we think? Check back, we’ll give you something more affirmative in our full review but for now, enjoy our early impressions with HTC’s finest.

42 Comments on HTC 10 48hr review

  1. Why can't a reviewer review a phone without including all of their personal preferences? I could care less whether you want four across or five across in the app drawer

  2. speakers vs s7 please please please my m9 is drown out by the s7 and I have my contract renewal this week need to know which is louder as I'll wait if this is louder

  3. Great video, a few questions:

    01. Does the screen turn on when receiving a notification?

    02. If you get a text, can you swipe up on the notification bubble on the lockscreen to reply?

    03. If you're in an app and get a text, can you swipe down or open an overlay tray to respond on the spot without the need to open the app?

    04. On the M7, when the speaker was done playing audio there was a faint clipping sound (the amp turning off). They fixed this in the M8. Do you hear any popping after audio is played? It usually occurs after 1 – 2 seconds and is noticeable in quiet rooms.

  4. Nice review. How would you rate performance compared to the G5 and S7? Or even, the iPhone 6s? Glad HTC have sorted out the camera, only took them forever!

  5. i feel like the other companys dont even try to compete to samsungs s7… the g5 is a good competitor but extremely ugly, sonys xperia x is good and beautiful but nothing special and the htc 10 is ugly (maybe not ugly but way less beautiful then the m7, m8, m9) and it's nothing special…. but that's just my opinion 🙂 btw. i'm a hardcore sony fan and i had been using the z, z1, z3 and z5 but i switched to the s7 edge now and it's amazing.

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