HTC 10 – 30 days in Review!

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The HTC 10 is finally available for purchase, I have sent 30 days with the devices and here are my thoughts on spending an extended period of time with the new HTC 10.

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28 Comments on HTC 10 – 30 days in Review!

  1. HTC should have made the front facing camera 8 or 10 megapixel with OIS if they really wanted to turn some heads this year with the position they are taking on selfies this year. Really missed the mark there and it shows when the GS7 and G5 still outperform the HTC 10 in some selfie picture scenarios. It's not a clear leader in the selfie game but other than that the phone is the smoothest snappiest Android experience right now.

  2. The HTC 10 has the Best headphone audio I ever heard on a phone. Phenomenal. Also Better in ear call quality than the G7 Edge however the G5 has the best in ear call quality of this year. Hands down.

  3. I think if you turn off hi-fi audio during video recording, it reverts back to mp4, and/or 1080p.

    Man, if I had $1000 bones layin around, I'd take this over the G5 and S7 any day, but that's me. I just prefer audio with stock and an extremely solid build quality. If I didn't have a G4 and my Fiio E11k amp + Viper4android, I'd get this in a heartbeat.

    Great 30 day vid :)

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