HTC 10 | 24 hours later…

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This is a video about the HTC 10 after using it for about one day, keep in mind this is by far no full reivew and my opinion could change a lot, so watch out for the full review.

HTC 10 Review:

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HTC 10 silver:

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40 Comments on HTC 10 | 24 hours later…

  1. This is one of the best Android phone. I would say top 1 to 2 … so what are you talking about .. I'm not saying this out of nothing I own the S7 edge and the Htc 10 … I like the Htc better … When you wanna talk about premium and performance talk about the Htc 10. There is no better skin than sense no other skin that give you that close to Android experience. Not even touch wiz can get close… There is nothing wrong to say about this phone. This is the perfect phone. this is the One … #htc10

  2. i had a HTC 10 for a week now, yeah the display is good but nothing compare to S7 display and there's a bit short coming when it comes to display. I came from LG V10, display are good as amoled i have to set up to 40% and it's still great. And maybe the price also of HTC 10 is a bit pricey. Battery also is only average for me, camera is average nothing to fancy nor spectacular.. HTC 10 is already there but a bit short of wow! My expectations didn't meet when it comes to price :-(

  3. I was very interested in the P9 but they're hard to find here in Australia ( unless you buy online) plus pricing is similar to 10. Perhaps your expectations were too high for the 10 while maybe you had none for the P9, usually how it goes. But after having the 10 for a few days now, I don't think that it's undeserving of the hype. I wouldn't disagree that it's still a bit behind the Galaxy as an overall package, but the great build, clean and snappy software, very good camera and great audio capabilities attracted me. Plus, HTC are promising timely updates ( which they're usually good at) so that's a huge plus. Looking forward to your full review!

  4. what software number are you on?? Android 6.0.1 software 1.54. something or 1.32. something, im on 1.32 in the UK and i really want to make sure im on the latest..

  5. I knew the speakers aren't that good as everyone says! The problem with that phone is price and HTC fanboyism, which is on the Nexus levels – 6p the best phone, now HTC the best phone.

  6. This phone is so overpriced. $699? HTC has lost it. More like $499 and please don't make that premium aluminum excuse. The Axon 7 is aluminum as well and isn't nearly $699. The HTC 10 is inferior to their competition in that price range and it brings nothing extra or impressive. Stock Android feel, leaves so much to be desired. In other words boring. The display against its competition is inferior also. Camera? I won't even mention that, another loss. I guess I'm trying to see how HTC felt it was worth $699. Unbelievable

  7. Damir, appreciate the in depth reviews… Should I go for the p9 or wait for the p9 plus that will come out? Asked you before but the 10 isn't everything I hoped for.

  8. Can you do a comparison between your top 5 or 3 phones focusing on displays? And then a separate video for internet/wifi and performance speed test?

  9. I own the phone for about a week and I agree 100% with every word you say. I switched from m8 and I miss the front stereo speakers, even though the headphones sounds really really good.

  10. Good job but i feel like for the first time you are kinda agressive to HTC 10 !! ?
    Yes it have some fauls i'm with you in many words but i found it the best android smartphone to get the job done away from bloatwares .
    Keep up the good work ??

  11. for some bizarre reason, YouTube played something about getting weed out of your system after this video…kinda odd.

    The HTC 10 is on my list of phones to buy this year. I'm going to be deciding between HTC 10, Moto Z, Oneplus 3 and Nexus phones because I want the best ROM support flagships can offer me

  12. poor daylight visibility ruined it for me…it seems to be a problem for so many phones these days.. from my experience the Samsung and the nokia lumia phones were always the best for outdoor visibility

  13. good job on the video. I agree with you on your 24 hour first impressions, cause I felt the same way when I got mine HTC 10, but the more I used it the better it got and the battery life is good to me. But I do miss the boomsound, that headphone jack is awesome

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